The FAQs

Website Header + Logo Sets:  Get the details. 

For the last 10+ years I’ve run a service-oriented site. While I still greatly enjoyed the co-creative process, I’ve also learned I have other work to do in this world, and have focused my direction in graphic design toward illustration and a more artistic approach for brands that are unforgettable and totally unique. As we expand and grow in this lifetime, we find sometimes that our life purposes can be like a sparkling gem that has multiple facets. In my case, I discovered that branding visuals and creating gorgeous headers and logos isn’t my only facet!

I wanted to offer these sets using my creativity, while meeting your nearly-instant gratification needs.

So it brings me great pleasure to align with the divine and deliver these special downloads to you. It’s quite a magical process, really, and I hope you feel in these designs the inspiration that moves through me as I create them.

While I still create custom designs for select clients, with my premade custom header + logo sets, you now have the freedom to choose the identity, without guesswork, that is calling your name.

How to shop?
Here’s what you do: click over to the Products page and peruse the full gallery of logos paired with their web headers. Pick the one that’s singing your song! It will represent you, your brand, or your blog with professional yet unique flair.

Here are some specs if you’re interested in that stuff: all the sets are designed at 300 dpi (RGB color & b/w) for the logo + 72 dpi (web optimized) for the website header.

Purchase your set and then email me the brand name you want the logo to feature, along with the tagline (if you have one). I’ll customize it into your design. Within four business days, you’ll have your personally selected website header and logos, packaged up pretty and emailed to you. Ready for your use, just like that.

Please note: if the design you choose has two words (i.e., “Rainbow Retro”), consider keeping your personalized version within a letter or two of that length. You want it to fit the design you’ve selected. I’ll be happy to advise you on this if it needs to be shortened.

What about the names and taglines?
You’ll notice each of my header-logo sets include the main brand name, or title. Some have a tagline added, but if it doesn’t display a tagline in the design, this set doesn’t include an option to have a tagline. If one of the designs includes a tagline, you can opt not to have it. Please communicate that via email after purchase.

Are these one-of-a-kind?
 And $297 is a very hot price for your one-and-only logo and website header set, that you can approve with your own eye before going through the unknown process of branding visual designs.

Keep a keen eye out for these. One or more will be added per week, so you don’t want to miss your perfect match. After a set is purchased, it’s gone. No sets are duplicatedly sold.

Can my header be used for other promotional materials?
Your logo will be provided as a .JPG file in both color and black & white at 300 dpi. Once you buy a design, it’s yours to use in any of your promotional materials, print or digital.

Your website header will be either an RBG .JPG or .PNG file at 72 dpi resolution. This resolution is optimized for the web, not for printing. I don’t recommend using the headers in any printed materials.

What else should I know?
After you purchase a header + logo set, I’ll be alerted of your details, including your name/title and tagline, if used. Please use an email addressyou will receive communication to, so I can deliver your personalized set to you.

What about changing fonts, colors, sizing and more?
One of the best things about these logo + header sets is that they’re one of a kind. Each is a special, what-you-see-is-what-you-get creation of aesthetic styling, from color scheme to typography. Find one you love!

How long does it take?
Compared to 2-3 months for a traditional website and branding transformation, it’s lickety-split! You’ll receive your personalized logo + header within four business days of purchase.

Will you install/put up my header for me?
If you need customizing, I’m happy to help. You can email me for inquiries about rates and scheduling. Please note that I only work with WordPress Thesis sites. These web headers are designed for you or your team to plug them into your WP site. For adding your logo to other promotional materials, connect with me by dropping me a note here.

Are all sales final?
Yes. Time and soul have gone into the creative process for each of these original designs. Please be certain that what you’re purchasing is what you want.

Will these be sold to anyone or any type of website?
I reserve the right to refund your payment if I don’t like where my art ends up! If this is the case, you will not receive a set. Luminated Designs logo + header sets are for forward-thinkers who want to make a positive difference in the world. Most likely spammers, porn, and other weirdness won’t come knocking. But if it does, I have the right to refuse sale and/or refund after purchase.

Thanks! Have fun shopping.